Polo Lounge (Closed Temporarily)

82% love it
GayCities Members report that Polo Lounge is temporarily closed, let us know if it has re-opened
Beautiful and busy venue
Upon entering the Lounge, you might feel like you've walked into a Victorian gentleman's club filled with plush, comfortable seats, a fireplace and a grand bar. On the weekends, campy, danceable tunes drift through the air from the downstairs dance floor. The crowd here is young, hip and out to party.


    • Danielhg89
      Danielhg89 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The worst place on Earth. The bouncers are very agressive and they kicked us out of the place when my friend dislocated her knee and felt on the floor. You can read the whole story in TripAdvisor.com They said that my friend was fine as she walked out of the place on her own. I have asked them to send me the video to prove that’s not true as I had to take almost on shoulders on the way out. I asked them (The bouncers) not to touch us or help us as they were very aggressive to my dear friend who was in total pain. They were desperate to kick us out of the plece and they asked me the name of the hotel we were staying and when I told them... they were booking a taxi so we can leave the place. I begged them to call an ambulance and they said that the ambulance will take hours to get there and that we needed to leave NOW. It was horrible. The worst part was when I managed to get my friend into the Uber I booked and we were leaving the place.. I looked at the bouncers and they were nasty saying goodbye and laughing in our face. I just cannot believe that we still have people on this planet so mean and horrible to our own species. Really bad experience. Now I understand why this is one of the worst places in town... a real shame I didn’t go into TripAdvisor before going to this place. My friend is still in pain and the doctor gave her 6 weeks in bed without moving her leg.

    • ErinM1996
      ErinM1996 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Worst club
      Door staff most rude and in-exclusive people I have ever met, will not be back

    • GwenG
      GwenG Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Just terrible.
      I have never been treated this poorly in a club before. Staff incredibly rude and obnoxious. Drinks very expensive. Music terrible.

    • handsome4u
      handsome4u Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I'm black and front of the door, I was asking to security if this place is Polo Lounge: They said YES but have others bars more nice on the corner lol lol. I dont asked if was nice or not. I just asked name of the place, because I had friends waiting for me inside. They aswered kicking me out lol lol. Well If you are living in 2015 and you are against racism. Not go there!

    • RandT
      RandT Over a year ago

      Youngsters, lots of straight girls
      This place starts hopping around midnight, it's very mixed but good dance music and there's some nice eye candy to. This club is downstairs from the Riding Room and there is a small cover on Monday & Tuesday nights when we were there. Very conservative on their pours as well.

    • abdndave
      abdndave Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Had a problem getting in . Too drunk ??? If I'm drunk on one drink I'd be well chuffed cheap night if only .!!. Terrible place for doorman to let people in

    • Happygolucky1
      Happygolucky1 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Glasgow is supposed to be Scotland's friendly city, right? Polo proves otherwise. Can't agree with other comments of racism, not that iv seen anyway, have Asian friends who often frequent this place. Think it's more a case of, if your face don't fit. Iv traveled all over the country for nights out and never been met with such arrogance at the door. Been loads of times although not a regular, been knocked back at the door twice lately for this very reason, once perfectly sobber on my own to meet pals inside and more embarrassingly with two friends from Manchester who came to visit this so called friendly city, really think polo needs a rethink.

    • jamal.lv
      jamal.lv Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Racist bar don't advise to go
      I am sure there are a lot of good reviews for polo. However my experience wasn't good at all. A month ago I was with a friend after spending few hours in dells decided to go To polo after. As soon as we got to the door I was told 'not tonight' no reason given. We only had a few drinks and it was a Sunday night. So didn't think much of it. Just went home. Again on a Saturday night few months later i decided to go to polo. This time I was told 'regulars only'.again no other reason. Also one if the bouncers added 'You know this is a gay club. There's no way you getting in. As I had friends inside I stood texting them. I watched the apparent hoards of regulars get in with no problems. All white. So question is was I too drunk? No didn't even start. Maybe dress code. Lol compare to people going in I was well dressed for a Saturday night. I was alone. Might if been this except then I saw at least 10 guys alone getting in. So other than the fact that I heard this place was good. Reading a few other reviews there's definite racist vibes at the doors. More shocked than anything that this still exists. Again I just hope this was specific individuals at the door and not the club. But from experience it's the club that guides the security in who gets in and who doesn't.

    • malibubug30
      malibubug30 Over a year ago

      If I could give it a minus I would! Vile place, thank god I moved away from glasgow a long time ago if this is what Glasgow has to offer! Having been to many different gay scenes over the years this is without a doubt the worst and it's my home city! The security staff are the worst I have ever encountered, rude, pushy and clearly just a bunch of neanderthals! One in particular who collects the money at the door (and occasional glass) It's beyound me how you can have someone like that on the door meeting and greeting punters,(you can't miss her, mainly because she takes up alot of the entrance!) it's like being greeted by a snarling rottweiler! Perhaps she was a nazi in a former life in a concentration camp because she walks around like a little hitler!(the amount of people who have complained about her you think they would get rid!) The cloakroom staff also hideous! they lost an expensive jacket of mine no apology and another friend who is a size 6 was given back a jacket size 16!!! Honestly if you want a friendly night out go to edinburgh, better class of people, more friendly with a better choice of bars to cater for all tastes!

    • Sean77
      Sean77 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Racist Gay Club !!!
      Polo Lounge is one of the most racist gay clubs known to the gay community. I am Black American living in Glasgow with my Spaniard husband and I have never felt such racism since my existence. My husband and I have travelled extensively all over world and Polo Lounge’s racism towards minorities is horrendous. If you are visiting Glasgow area for business or pleasure or have recently resided in Glasgow area - PLEASE BOYCOTT and AVOID THIS PLACE. On 3rd of March, 2012, a small group of us from Spain and Miami attempted to enter Polo Lounge and were refused entry by the guards stating that the club was overcrowded. Nonetheless, while standing shocked outside we witnessed presumed “NATIVES” entering without queries or hesitations. Despite the viewing of this, we ignored and decided to celebrate our friend’s birthday at another club. Exactly a week later, my spouse and I arrived at Polo Lounge again by cab and were refused entry once more. The security asked my Spaniard spouse, “Is this the first time here?” Nevertheless, before responding to his query, we were immediately refused entry once again. I asked the guard what’s the reason for refusal and his response was, “We don’t know you so move away cause you are blocking the entry.” My spouse and I stood there astonished while watching other “NATIVES” entering freely. It was so apparent that it was owing to our races why our entry was refused once more. In these times where LGBT communities have struggled tremendously for our rights – I would never believe that racism existed so prominent in our own community. I strongly URGE gay foreigners who are visiting and living in Glasgow area to avoid this place. Presently, I am the process of making a report with the LGBT community in UK and USA.

    • tarryn12
      tarryn12 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great club
      love the place always have a gd nit out when im there

    • blooax
      blooax Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Great place but TOO LOUD!!
      I really liked this place but it was so loud I couldn't stay for more than one drink. I'm not OLD (honest!) but the music was so loud it shook the hair gel out of my hair and was causing internal organ damage! Goodness knows how the staff can work there. The building is beautiful and I wish I could have stayed longer. It's worth a visit but maybe take ear plugs?!

    • phoebe
      phoebe Over a year ago
      Hates it

      only go here if the rest of Glasgow is shut
      nice building shame about the rest of it .......... if you don't fit into the accepted gay spectrum in the door peoples view, you will get grief

    • bullseye
      bullseye Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great old building
      interiors are lush, crowd is fun

    • MRmakeup
      MRmakeup Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The place to go.
      Loved the venue and up for fun punters. Gteat music cheap drinks a great night.